Monday, February 27, 2012

Whip It Out

Its been a LONG time since I've posted anything! Life has just been in the a very blessed way =)

We added a new family member recently...and its because of her that I am writing this post. She is 8 weeks old and we call her Anna...sometimes I call her Fuss Bucket. And she totally deserves that one.

She is a very different person than her big brother (who loves her to pieces). Her brother was easily pacified with a pacifier when he wasn't hungry. Not Fuss Bucket. Her brother was not so interested in fleshy suckers. Not Fuss Bucket.

For the first time since her birth 8 weeks ago today, I have learned about "EBF" - Ecological Breast Feeding. You see, this phenomenon, when done right, is what leads to a natural spacing of children 3-4 years...without using birth control. To be quite honest, as of yet I see no need for birth control because so far, I've been spending my nights with my little flesh-sucker permanently attached to me.

EBF is popularly referred to as "feeding on demand". This means when baby is hungry, when baby is tired, when baby is feeling sick, when baby has a tummy ache, when baby needs comfort...omg the list could go on!!!

So after my 100+ time feeding Fuss Bucket, modesty has lost all meaning to my weary brain and I'm afraid that I may "whip it out" because I no longer see it as anything but a fleshy feeding apparatus that is regrettably permanently attached to my body.

*Please note I love my new baby girl to pieces. I just wish she'd suck on a pacifier occasionally.