Friday, August 06, 2010

A Glance at the Past

Some favorite picks from my past that highlight my Journey to where I am now. It was an interesting one...and I think I've kind of adopted it as my Testimony...

And the Tears Fall


Who Am I

The event that occurred on 7/5 was my best friend Kim and my ex-boyfriend Alex started dating...

Trust and Obey

Lover of my Soul
- The end of my destruction and the beginning of my rebuilding

Crazy People and Steady Father

A Mighty Oak

And then there was peace

Another Day
This one vaguely references the episode in Genesis where Jacob wrestles with God

So You Want to go Back to Egypt

Of Ships and Sailing Wax




Houston, We have a Problem
Ironically, this one is about my future husband about 9 months before we started dating...

Give thanks for your suffering...

This is Me...

More on Forgiveness
Truly, forgiveness is a lot harder than anyone ever let on in Sunday School Class

The Dark Glass

Pray Boldly

Logically Speaking
I wrote this for a friend who was struggling with logically defending his faith when he was starting to doubt in its truth himself. He's actually the one who told me not to delete the Livejournal blog.

Laugh without Fear
The healing becomes obvious finally!

Time to Move
I never did move...the same night my Uncle called me to tell me he couldn't find me a job, I was in the middle of a conversation with future hubby, realizing this could actually be something...coincidentally, both their names are Paul (The Uncle and the Hubby)

I'm getting there...

So Lost
The day before the best Valentine's Day of my life. Can't believe there are no posts on that. Just a simple IM from California - "Happy Valentine's Day" - I was smiling the rest of the day (and we weren't dating yet).

Finally, peace...healing... It took 2 weeks from this date for me to realize my hubby was pursuing me; three weeks before we started dating. It was a long 18 months from our first meeting to this, but I refuse to forget any of this - period.

I wrote "One thing's definitely for sure - when I'm at my next destination, I want to realize that that's where I am and enjoy it" in So you want to go back to Egypt. I will never forget because I will never stop appreciating where I am now. I will never forget because I will never take the blessings God has given me for granted.

Election Blues

So Florida Primaries are in all of 18 more days and I have no clue who to vote for Governor.

Its getting frustrating because the more time that passes, the more dirt the candidates dig up on the other.

So which is it? The possibly (likely) corrupt business man with the proven ability to build something out of absolutely nothing when Florida is bankrupt like every other blue state out there (funny, cuz we're traditionally a red state...I guess we're more purple at the moment - like our current Governor)?

Or should I go with the career politician (who is also likely corrupt) who is careless with tax-payer money, but has excellent political stances on all issues albeit one - being illegal immigration?

I was happy when Rick Scott wasn't mud-slinging and it was making it easier. I respected him for acknowledging what happened and refusing to throw mud at McCollum - but as more dirt is dug up, the less acknowledging he gets and the more he engages in the same behavior. Its making the election rather difficult, to say the least.

So...any helpful advice in going into elections? I'd love it if any of you could help a poor girl out - How do you balance character and policies when neither one of them has very good character?

Rick Scott for Governor
Bill McCollum for Governor

California Ruling

Yes - I'm against gay marriage. But honestly, it doesn't bother me that much that Massachusets has it.

Yes - I'm against Homosexuality. But honestly, I don't have a problem with people who practice it.

What BOTHERS me - and has me totally confused how ANYONE could be okay with this - is that voters' choice has been rendered irrelevant. You REALLY want to live in a world where your vote is pointless?

Imagine a day and age - it is coming - where YOU are the ones being attacked by your government and the majority rules in favor of protecting you. You are okay with the precedent being set that the ruling class can take choices away from you with the drop of a hat?

Somehow, I doubt it.