Thursday, June 26, 2008


Someone on Boundless made a comment about how there's this theory that the population is getting less intelligent because the more intelligent women are having less children.


I'm not the most intelligent woman in the world, but with straight A's in Math and Computer Science, as well as being well read in classical literature, a background in latin, philosophy, and history, I'd say I can compete for intelligence...

So if I want 5-10 kids, where does that place me in the theory mentioned above?

Its interesting, but in all reality, who are the ones educating most children? The most intelligent mothers are self-educating their families, and for the most part that's a minority. It would seem that the more intelligent women that are working and having less children have kids being raised in the public school system...

Which, apparently, can't teach math...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Initialize This

I'm starting to wonder if "initiating" is taking a leading role or not.

Far be it from me to want to lead a relationship, but sometimes it seems that being the initiator isn't usurping the man's leadership role or stepping out of place as the submitter.

I don't know. In a way, I probably initiated the relationship with my current boyfriend by inviting him over for pie at 9:00 at night after he got back into town after a long week of travel...

HE kissed ME first, and he pursued me for several months...was I responding or initiating?

And even if I did maintain my role as responder, are there examples of a woman initiating without usurping or manipulating? Instead, a respectful surrender and trusting vulnerability when she lets him know how she feels...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pure Frustration

Anyone who knows me knows I have an odd fascination with history that doesn't typically jive with my college majors or my chosen profession. So, if I delve into history to better understand the trends of human nature and gain more insight into where we are today, forgive me when you find it annoying.

I'm sincerely of the opinion we can learn from the study of history in ways that will help the future.

So...where am I going with this?

History of man...and woman.

There was once a time when men held all the power. Women were held in high esteem, however. Germanic tribes raised their women up as priestesses (never the HIGH priest), revering them as having a special connection with the spiritual world and more in tune with mother nature - primarily because of their ability to reproduce. Women were cared for because from them came the future - in the form of mewling babies that grew into strong and strapping men to carry on the way of life.

Somewhere along the way, though, misogynistic attitudes started permeating the male populace. Either that, or they were always there and with better communication came better awareness. Women were beaten, raped, emotionally abused...and had no way of combatting it.

Then rose a generation of women who said "NO!" this can not be how women are treated! So they fought, and they fought hard, for the right to protect themselves and their children from such abuse.

And then they took it a step too far. From the annals of Euripedes arises a generation of Medeas, who believe that men have gone too long in their power and that their abuses deserve such severe punishment as having their children murdered. God forgive them, at least they were merciful and did it PRIOR to birth.

Among other atrocities, the new movement of feminists has taught young women that they don't need men, that they are better off without them, recounting thousands of reasons of why women are better than men - from being faster in maturing all the way to who has the more beautiful body...and everything in between. We were taught to be educated (because you can't trust a man to always be there to provide for you). We were taught to forego children (because its a parasite feeding off you for 9 months of your life with no gaurantee that the father will protect and provide, leaving you to care for it til its 18th birthday). We were taught to establish a career first, putting boss before husband (at least the boss PAYS for services rendered).

But WAIT! This tale isn't over yet...far from over...

Men began buying into these lies, as well...foresaking marriage and giving into the results of the sexual revolution! After all, feminism introduced a revolutionary concept - sex without marriage OR the fear of babies!

Now, a generation of young women are growing up to discover that all they have been taught was...*gasp*...a LIE! Maybe not completely...there's still some nuggets of truth in that mess that we can take out, polish, and hold close. However, desires for companionship and children are far outweighing the pre-cautions and warnings that flash DANGER DANGER DANGER: MAN CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.

And with these new women come the matriarchs that gainsay the belief that marriage is unnecessary. Nay, they DEMAND that marriage is necessary for ALL. Unless your old and a man, and then your singleness is all your fault and you don't deserve the pleasure of young, supple, fertile flesh.

You, especially those that share the opinions expounded here, may think this story is now told and over.

But alas, you have introduced a whole new animal. From one pendulum swing to the next, history has let gravity take its toll, forcing it from one side to the next...perhaps getting closer and closer to an equilibrium that will only be experienced when my Savior comes back and rescues us from this torturous monster of time., men believe that there is very little hope in finding a godly woman. Maybe not that harsh, but that they are far too hard to find...and that the risks in finding them are so great that its hardly worth it. After all, even in the church, the women you find are only there for social discourse and all are probably looking for a relationship with a godly man. Definitly not only there to worship and learn about the God they serve.

Now, all women are so tainted by the education of feminism or mandators of marriage, that there's likely not one good pick among them.

Never mind that the girl sitting across the room has a genuine heart for God, loves to pour out her love for others (that is a reflection of God's love for her) in social and nurturing ways, desires to be a wife that Proverbs would extol and illustrates the type of submission that Paul hinted at in Ephesians. Never mind that she is single, longs for marriage, and is amidst men that desire the same. And yet her heart is never discovered. She is overlooked. Perhaps you can tell me why?

It seems that men have indeed shirked their duties as leaders, no longer providing protection to the women who are willing to submit to such leadership.

It seems to me that women who want to force men into those responsibilites are not helping by failing to teach women how to be submissive, loving (not bitter), and caring (not manipulative) wives ala Titus 2:3-5.

It seems to me that genuine and innocent hearts (both male AND female) are getting the short end of the stick, here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Covering

One of my favorite illustrations in the Bible is the covering of the woman's head. Its an example of how God provides a covering for sin.

There's a verse that says that the husband is a covering for his wife.

I wonder what this means...

More to come a little later :) Now, back to work :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Basic Essentials

What are the basic essentials of faith?

I know that the following are definitly essential:
  1. All are sinners. Romans 3:23

  2. God loves us and gave His Only Son to die for us so that if we believe in him, we may have eternal life. John 3:16

But could the following two be considered essentials of faith?
  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul

  • Love your neighbor as yourself

Matthew 22:36-40

If so, than wouldn't it be essential to be obedient to scripture? Not essential for Salvation, but essential for Faith? James 2:14