Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fireproof - Why I don't want to see it...

I was pretty frustrated when Boundless wrote up their very profuse endorsement of this movie.

I just listened to the Plugged-In guy and what he had to say about movies that are out and I think I finally can answer Ted's question to me on why I am so opposed to it.

Here it is - I can not stand the blanket approval given to something without question.

Yeah, this movie is put out by a church. Woohoo! But does that mean its going to be perfect?

Countless times, I've seen Plugged-In and Boundless come down REALLY hard on movies that were good with some negative elements (I'm not talking about Sex in the City, here, as I completely agree with Boundless's views on that particular movie...but Prince Caspian and The Dark Knight?)

And yet this movie gets a free pass? No where will you hear tell of the fact that there's an adulterous relationship going on in the movie. No where will you hear tell of the husband's porn addiction. Lets gloss over those for the sake that this movie is about redeeming marriage through thick and thin.

Oh...but yes...when any other movie has those elements (even for the sake of the plot line) the movies are painted with a red X and people are told "not recommended".

Never mind that Prince Caspian managed to hold on to the theme of trusting in that which you can't always see. Never mind that The Dark Knight had an incredibly profound story of self-sacrifice with the intent to redeem.

I just sometimes really wish Boundless and other Evangelical Christian mainstream outlets could actually manage to let go of their biases long enough to question. Long enough to seek truth and be willing to acknowledge when something that comes from a place they "should" endorse might actually be wrong, might actually have a negative element, might actually be worth questioning instead of blindly accepting.

Maybe that's why I was so vehemently opposed to Fireproof.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Too Picky? Or just careful?

I found an interesting little bit of info...

Baby Center conducted a poll and polled over 22,000 women who had children over the age of 35.

The reason(s) they gave for waiting is not what you'd think...

7% waited for an established career.

The overwhelming winner, though, was a whopping 45% to waiting to find the right "one". Second in the winning was a 10% on not wanting to wait, but couldn't conceive.

Now, either the answers are bogus, times have changed, or some people really have no idea why women are waiting... Although maybe finding the right one has been largely eclipsed by the career, though the career was never the primary reason...

What these women thought was worse was also interesting -
Only 32% thought it was worse to end up infertile than to have children when emotionally or financially not ready.

I'd agree, but I wonder at their definitions of "emotionally or financially ready".

I somehow think they are a wee bit unrealistic.

Great Quotes

Lately, I've been bombarded by some great quotes (most from Smallville).

Its amazing how one disk can contain such a treasure trove of great things to say :)

Pardon my word for wordage, they aren't completely accurate...except the last one.

Sometimes, you need to treat feelings like dollars and put them in your piggy bank cuz you can't afford that bike yet. And when the time is right, you crack open that piggy bank to discover that instead of saving up for a bike, you were really savin' for a Harley.
~Lois Lane to Clark Kent concerning his feelings for Lana Lang

Experience is overrated. Especially in Washington.
~Lionel Luther to Martha Kent when discussing her qualifications for Senator

So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.
~George Lucas

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Role Reversal

Today, the expansion pack for World of Warcraft was released.

I used to be a WoW addict. I stopped playing about a month before my fiance and I started dating.

I met a lot of my guildies in real life and loved it. One of them is coming to my wedding :) (She better, anyway...)

Lately, I've been really missing my tanking awesomeness with my little warrior and desperately missing all the friends I made.

Went in to Best Buy last night and I made a comment about it to the man...he told me "You are never playing that ever again."


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quote of the Day

Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.
~ Douglas Adams

Friday, November 07, 2008

A Silver Lining

I have Hope for Change.

Regardless of how good a president President-Elect Obama will be, there WILL be change after these 4 years.

He will either do really well and the change that HE is promising will come to pass, or he'll do so crappy that there is no way we can move forward without MAJOR political reform.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Is Now the Time...

To fly the flag half-mast?

I kinda knew this was gonna happen, but I was really hoping it wouldn't.

Ah well...we'll find out in 4 years whether America made the worst mistake of its young pathetic life.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Life Goals

I should really take what I write here and share it with my husband...

I wonder how surprised he'd be when he realizes that leaving me at as a SAHM will NOT make me a "Desperate Housewife" (He blames idle hands for their desperation).

1) Have a dozen children (this has been nixxed because he wants no more than 2. We compromised at 3)

2) Homeschool those children or volunteer at their school as a tutor.

3) Get involved with women's ministries at a church.

4) Start a women's choir at the church (have you noticed that choirs are vanishing and in their place, you have a male guitarist and lead vocalist, a male pianist, and 10 female back up singers??? And NONE of them sing harmony...PLEASE give them something better to do...)

5) Volunteer at a women's crisis pregnancy center and take courses in counseling.

6) Volunteer as a counselor for post-abortion women.

7) Start a type of home that helps women with many children and no financial support (they exist when they can't afford to go through channels for child support or they are married to a guy in just as much of a predicament as themselves) to develop the skills they need to find jobs that may help bring in a little added (and needed) cash flow.

There was a girl who worked for $5.15/hr as a concessionist who had a new baby boy. Her husband had just lost his job and her parents couldn't afford to let her live at home. The only job she could get was as a concessionist, even though she was a hard worker - why? Because she didn't have the skill set needed for a job that could use her brains and work ethic and she couldn't afford the training needed for it. She ended up pregnant again and was forced to find something that paid more. She left our work to work at Long John Silver's for $5.50/hr.

Some access to affordable computer training (free?) and affordable business attire (donated?) coulda landed her a job making at least $7.00/hr or more.

8) Operate/Open/Volunteer at an Orphanage and/or do Foster Care.

I'd adopt, but I'd rather help provide kids that are well cared for and well taught to people who can't have their own. I'm quite capable of providing my own :)

And considering my little issue with the Twin Gene, one pregnancy is all I need to provide more kids than I can handle =p

Introducing: The Husband Headache

I'll start with:

I'll end with:

I'm ready for the world to acknowledge that women are not always right, that they are not above reproach, that they have an ego larger than any man's that prevents them from admitting to wrong and being reproachable but you STILL need to tell us when we're being bitchy and/or wrong.

Please stop letting women get away with EVERYTHING.

And why is it that the majority of men LET us get away with it? I have yet to figure that one out...

Even men with balls and the strength of mind to say it often refuse to - why?!?!?