Monday, November 03, 2008

Introducing: The Husband Headache

I'll start with:

I'll end with:

I'm ready for the world to acknowledge that women are not always right, that they are not above reproach, that they have an ego larger than any man's that prevents them from admitting to wrong and being reproachable but you STILL need to tell us when we're being bitchy and/or wrong.

Please stop letting women get away with EVERYTHING.

And why is it that the majority of men LET us get away with it? I have yet to figure that one out...

Even men with balls and the strength of mind to say it often refuse to - why?!?!?


Elusive Wapiti said...


Fear of being rejected. Fear of making a Woman angry. Fear of being called names and being made a subject of wild accusations by said Angry Woman.

Sounds kinda silly and stupid, I know, but when 51% of the population prides themselves on their boundless fury upon being scorned, it's not quite so unreasonable.

Also, I think that many men feel responsible for a woman's happiness. If momma ain't happy, nobody's happy. Another mistake that is self-defeating, but there you are.

Anonymous said...

In my case, I don't fear rejection.

In countries with reasonable laws, I act as I was raised to think men should act -- forcefully and courteously.

In Western countries, I know that the law is corrupt and that false accusations often get innocent men punished.

I don't fear rejection. I fear police harassment.

Oh, yes, and in the case of one girl who bragged about her proficiency with firearms, I feared getting shot. It later turned out that she had Multiple Personality Disorder, which I did not find out quickly enough to prevent an entanglement with law enforcement. And of course the cops blamed me for everything, because I am male.

MarkyMark said...


Guys don't put women in their place because they can get DESTROYED if they do. A woman can file a false accusation, and that wrecks a man's life. The laws are worded so that basically anything a woman dislikes is angry about = domestic violence, sexual harassment, etc. If you think I'm exaggerating, go to my blog, and check out Lisa Scott's website. She's a family law attorney who says what I just did.

You can also go to the New Jersey State Bar Foundation website, and read their DV pamphlet online. When I had to report my cell phone stolen last year, I had to go to the local police station to file a report. While there, I picked up this little pamphlet. Read it, and you'll see that literally anything can be DV. Men don't say anything because they don't want their lives destroyed.


Anonymous said...

Lisa Scott the great author of this trash?



Christina said...


You pulled yourself away from WoW long enough to comment on my ancient post? That means you read a lot when you came here =p

/hugz and I miss you guys =(

Anonymous said...

I am good, we miss you too dear. I don`t play as much as I use to,but hey I hop on to talk to the old crew:) fun times.

So I heard you are never coming back.....Allow me to help you communicate with us:)

At least you can post and interact with the others there:)



Anonymous said...

hey - i found your blog thru Truth For Men, I think, which I found thru a Google search for the phrase "women want to be dominated ..." er, anyway. You are exactly right that we take too much bullshit from you womenfolk. And maybe you can attest to this -- women are more attracted when we don't take their shit than when we do. I know, I've been both ways. Actually, I think that's a major reason why there are so many angry and confused women out there. Because men stopped being men.

a frickin' american