Monday, November 17, 2008

Great Quotes

Lately, I've been bombarded by some great quotes (most from Smallville).

Its amazing how one disk can contain such a treasure trove of great things to say :)

Pardon my word for wordage, they aren't completely accurate...except the last one.

Sometimes, you need to treat feelings like dollars and put them in your piggy bank cuz you can't afford that bike yet. And when the time is right, you crack open that piggy bank to discover that instead of saving up for a bike, you were really savin' for a Harley.
~Lois Lane to Clark Kent concerning his feelings for Lana Lang

Experience is overrated. Especially in Washington.
~Lionel Luther to Martha Kent when discussing her qualifications for Senator

So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.
~George Lucas

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Lost in Academia said...

Great Quotes, Let's see,

From Joss Whedon's First Masterpiece:
"you could ask him for coffee some night. It's the non-relationship drink of choice. It's not a date, it's a caffeinated beverage. Okay, sure, it's hot and bitter, like a relationship that way, but..."

& (and sooooooo true)

"Testosterone is a great equalizer. It turns all men into morons"

Then a few of many, many, many from his second masterpiece:
"Do you know what the chain of command is here? It's the chain I go get and beat you with to show you who's in command."

"they tell you: never hit a man with a closed fist. But it is, on occasion, hilarious."

"Doctor, I'm taking your sister under my protection here. If anything happens to her, anything at all, I swear to you, I will get very choked up. Honestly, there could be tears."

And third, and a tad more risque from the BBC television show *Coupling*:

"Friendship's more lasting than love, and more legal than stalking."

"Women want somebody with command, with confidence. Someone who wouldn't take no for an answer. We want somebody arrogant and gorgeous with a terrifying sexual appetite and an amazing range of sexual technique. But when it comes right down to it, you know what? We'll settle for a man."