Monday, November 03, 2008

Life Goals

I should really take what I write here and share it with my husband...

I wonder how surprised he'd be when he realizes that leaving me at as a SAHM will NOT make me a "Desperate Housewife" (He blames idle hands for their desperation).

1) Have a dozen children (this has been nixxed because he wants no more than 2. We compromised at 3)

2) Homeschool those children or volunteer at their school as a tutor.

3) Get involved with women's ministries at a church.

4) Start a women's choir at the church (have you noticed that choirs are vanishing and in their place, you have a male guitarist and lead vocalist, a male pianist, and 10 female back up singers??? And NONE of them sing harmony...PLEASE give them something better to do...)

5) Volunteer at a women's crisis pregnancy center and take courses in counseling.

6) Volunteer as a counselor for post-abortion women.

7) Start a type of home that helps women with many children and no financial support (they exist when they can't afford to go through channels for child support or they are married to a guy in just as much of a predicament as themselves) to develop the skills they need to find jobs that may help bring in a little added (and needed) cash flow.

There was a girl who worked for $5.15/hr as a concessionist who had a new baby boy. Her husband had just lost his job and her parents couldn't afford to let her live at home. The only job she could get was as a concessionist, even though she was a hard worker - why? Because she didn't have the skill set needed for a job that could use her brains and work ethic and she couldn't afford the training needed for it. She ended up pregnant again and was forced to find something that paid more. She left our work to work at Long John Silver's for $5.50/hr.

Some access to affordable computer training (free?) and affordable business attire (donated?) coulda landed her a job making at least $7.00/hr or more.

8) Operate/Open/Volunteer at an Orphanage and/or do Foster Care.

I'd adopt, but I'd rather help provide kids that are well cared for and well taught to people who can't have their own. I'm quite capable of providing my own :)

And considering my little issue with the Twin Gene, one pregnancy is all I need to provide more kids than I can handle =p

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