Friday, August 06, 2010

Election Blues

So Florida Primaries are in all of 18 more days and I have no clue who to vote for Governor.

Its getting frustrating because the more time that passes, the more dirt the candidates dig up on the other.

So which is it? The possibly (likely) corrupt business man with the proven ability to build something out of absolutely nothing when Florida is bankrupt like every other blue state out there (funny, cuz we're traditionally a red state...I guess we're more purple at the moment - like our current Governor)?

Or should I go with the career politician (who is also likely corrupt) who is careless with tax-payer money, but has excellent political stances on all issues albeit one - being illegal immigration?

I was happy when Rick Scott wasn't mud-slinging and it was making it easier. I respected him for acknowledging what happened and refusing to throw mud at McCollum - but as more dirt is dug up, the less acknowledging he gets and the more he engages in the same behavior. Its making the election rather difficult, to say the least.

So...any helpful advice in going into elections? I'd love it if any of you could help a poor girl out - How do you balance character and policies when neither one of them has very good character?

Rick Scott for Governor
Bill McCollum for Governor


MarkyMark said...

I think it's best to vote out ALL professional politicians. They're the ones who GOT us into this mess! I say sweep out all the dirt, and start anew...

Christina said...


That's kinda my gut reaction, but I don't want to make that a sweeping generalization and end up with the exact same thing with a different background >.<

Make sense?

I am leaning towards Rick Scott, but I really liked a lot of McCollum's issues.