Thursday, January 17, 2008

St. Valentine's Day

Normally, the closer it gets to February, the more pronounced my singleness gets. Luckily, as a single woman who hasn't quite learned to take care of herself properly, I don't frequent shopping stores often enough to catch the Valentine's Day vibe.

However, I have this odd, intense little feeling that it is getting closer. And for once, rather than hate the most detested holiday of the year, I find myself hopeful. Why on earth would I greet such a holiday with Hope when the entire holiday is about Erotic Love? Easy...that's not what its about at all...

I can't find any REAL research on this, so all this is according to Church Lore. Someday I may actually attempt to verify it :)

Around 496 AD, Emperor Claudius was complaining about how his soldiers needed a specific amount of time off to spend with their families. To get rid of that need, he instituted a ban on marriage for all soldiers. A priest in Rome refused to stop marrying and performed wedding ceremonies in secret. This priest was Valentine. He was caught and executed for it.

In a day and age where marriage is treated so flippantly among Christians and non-Christians alike, and articles such as this one are not so uncommon, I think that for once, celebrating St. Valentine's Day will be a good thing.

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