Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reality Sets In

So...Newborns are sooo easy. At least mine is.

Today was his first night of 8 hours and he's not 4 months yet. He's been sleeping 7 hours for over a month already.

Today I'm babysitting a 1 year old with my baby. And omg. He doesn't stop. I made the mistake of not taking a nap with them when they were both sleeping so now I'm chasing around a 1 year old praying my 4 month old doesn't need to eat for another 3 hours.


I wonder how many habits babies get from their parents?

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Ame said...


i'll tell you now what NO one told me until after the fact (and it made me want to hit every mom i'd ever known who had gone before me) ... three is the WORST age. okay, there are exceptions ... but my best friend and i hit it three months apart with our oldest, and we were UNprepared, shocked, wanting to hit every mom who never told us, and survived together till it was over ... both times through.


what a blessing you have such a good baby! truly a gift from God :)