Friday, May 16, 2008

Go ye therefore...

And make disciples of the world.

So says Jesus at the end of Matthew 28, before he ascended into heaven to be seated at the right hand of God.

But what does that mean?

Does that have caveats to it? Does it mean leave your country and make disciples of the world? Does it mean go into your backyard and make disciples of the world? Does it mean neighborhoods, schools, cities?

Does it mean all of those?

Is teaching bible stories to 5 year olds in Grace Church Ocala FL's nursery just as viable as building an orphanage in Honduras?

Is teaching your 16 year old son in your living room the difference between God and Allah just as viable as teaching a 16 year old Arab in the Middle East the difference between God and Allah?

Is raising your daughter to be a compassionate witness of Christ's love just as viable as teaching an Indian temple prostitute about Christ's love?

I just listened to the Boundless Show's 17th Episode, and Rosenberg's attitude towards home missions is kind of appalling for someone who has always felt called to home missions.

What do you think?


Carrie C. said...
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Carrie C. said...

A heart is a heart. A soul is a soul.
Whether you are bringing the Good News to Ecuador, Thailand, or Boise, Idaho - you are fullfilling God's command.
I haven't listened to that Podcast yet, but home missions is a very viable thing. Just remember that you can be a "missionary" where ever you go. Speak truth, work as unto the Lord, and people will notice that you are different. It may take 5 years, but that's good character building time.
I have a friend who studies cello and is a "missionary" to her cello teacher.

BrooXL said...

I haven't yet listened to the Boundless #17 episode yet but I just slid over to compliment you on your amazingly grace-filled comments on the Boundless blog re; the Starbucks logo issue. I knew there more reasons for thinking you're cool!

God speed, Angel!