Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rescue Me - Lesson Number 1

I was traipsing around the world of blogs the other day, trying to find out what Google would throw at me if I typed in "female submission". That was interesting...I came accross some very...curious...readings. I discovered that the world has done a fine job polarizing the topic of feminine submission. However, this particular blog is neither here nor there, so on to the subject at hand.

While perusing the stuff, I came across a blog by one of my readers :) She had some sermon notes posted that included some stuff that is common coming from the Elderidges. Pretty much, that women like to be rescued and men like to rescue. Some of the people who posted comments claimed that few of the women in scripture (if any) needed rescuing. I thought about it...I thought about it some more...

So my first subject is Rahab.

Her story can be found in Joshua. In a nutshell, she was a prostitute who lived in a home on the wall of Jericho. Joshua sent spies to scout out the area, and she hid them on her roof. She was a remarkable woman. When the spies left, she asked if she could go with them. They promised that if she left a red cord tied outside her window, they would rescue her when they destroyed Jericho.

And...guess what? They did =p And she married (there's some reason to think she married one of the spies) and is one of 5 women listed in the geneaology of Christ :)

Example #1 that strong, remarkable women can be rescued =) And a biblical example, none-the-less :)

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