Wednesday, April 01, 2009


How does one word evoke so much emotion?

Its such a tiny little word...but it encompasses so much.

Its not me. Its not him. Its US.

We. Ours. Us.

WE are having a baby.

He will be OUR son.

He's a little bit of US.

Its kind of overwhelming in sheer awesomeness. Is this how God intended it? The consummation of our marriage and our life together. The epitome of our love for each other takes on flesh and is going to bring us trials and joy, both...but blessings untold.



MarkyMark said...

Congratulations! May God give you the wisdom you need to raise your new son in this wretched world...

Kathy Farrelly said...

Yeah, it's pretty special Christina.

Your own little miracle from God.

Nothing beats it!.

I remember when my daughter was born.
Hubby just stood there in awe with his precious little gift from God.
I'll never forget it.
He was silent...
But, the tears just flowed.
He was filled with wonder and joy.

And, at the age of 39 he had finally got the little girl that he had wished for, and that he had given up all hope of ever receiving.

It was also the day that he returned to God..

God Bless, Christina.

Much joy awaits you and your Hubby.

Le Belle Dame Sans Merci said...

Congrats again, lady. I miss you and I'm excited for you.

I'm out of town right now...don't know if I'll be back in in time, but I am trying my darndest! Got something really cute for your little man! :)

Could you foward me the address to the shower as well as your new home address?(

That way, even if I experience travel delays on my way back from NC, I can still make sure to forward you gift.

Thanks lady. Congrats again. Best wishes and all the happiness you can handle. :)