Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What about us?

Why is it that when the majority votes against a progressive measure, the courts will stand up and side with the minority?

And then when the majority speaks again, the minority gets all uppity about it and starts calling us all bigots and other bad names?

Well, at least you had the opportunity to give power to your voice.

My voice (and many others) is going to be shut down because they know they can't get the votes to pass it (what with the whole 2/3 majority thing).

Hello, those senators are the voices of people who our democracy doesn't let speak on these issues in any other way except through them! They are our representatives. We voted for them and put them in place to vote on things like this. If enough of the populace voted enough to prevent something from passing, then it shouldn't pass!

Have a little respect, please.

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MarkyMark said...


They do have some respect-for those giving them the biggest bribes, er, 'contributions'! Go check out my blog, and look for the George Carlin routine on the owners, and you'll see what's what...