Monday, October 19, 2009

Morning Sickness Association

It has been absolutely wonderful not having to deal with morning sickness.

Some things, though, have become so associated with the sickness that they still bring back memories and a bit of a tummy ache - like the smell of hotdogs, Smallville, and my brand new Mustang.

These things I can avoid, though. And I do. While pregnant and confined to a couch because getting up meant needing a bucket attached to my neck, I watched 4-5 seasons of Smallville. My car's smell made me unbearably sick, and though I craved them for all of 5 seconds at a time, the smell (and thought) of hot dogs made my tummy turn.

But here's the kicker. My morning sickness went through the entire winter months. It started in early October and lasted till February.

So now that the weather is cooling down and October feels like October, I find myself having a queasy tummy thanks to association.

How long is this supposed to last? This used to be my favorite time of year - am I going to be adverse to it for the rest of my life?

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