Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Back to the Point

You know, I had originally started this blog for a friend of mine who is a feminist.

I really have gone in the wrong direction on it, but it started pretty well. Pretty much, the idea was to do a Bible study through scripture, highlighting the parts that talk about womanhood and manhood.

I'm not much into the minute details of specific passages - I hate tearing a passage to pieces to find out its real meaning instead of using its context for meaning. I find it tedious and pointless. Context is more than just the surrounding verses - its the entire book. The whole thing paints a picture and if two parts seemingly contradict, then you have something wrong in your thinking.

I've trained myself to rethink when i come across things that may appear to contradict so that I may better understand - and I have no need of a ton of language lessons to figure this out.

Problem with pursuing this is that more than just Feminism makes my skin crawl - a world that ignores consequences also rankles me - and so do parents that over-shelter rather than educate their children. I get off track a bit...

I also want to take a less (and more) critical look of feminism - what it is, how its used, and all its different forms - the less evil-intentioned of this group believe there's a need for it - and it has nothing to do with making men subject to women and everything to do with protecting themselves.

I will never change my mind that feminism is a product of a lack of trust. Its a lack of trust in God, foremost - because to obey him means to subjugate herself to a man (a father or husband) and let him be the ruler of her.

Considering how difficult it is to learn to trust the people around you who clearly love you, I don't find it at all out of scope that it would be difficult to learn to trust God...trusting that he has plans not to destroy you but to give you hope and a future.

It also is a lack of trust in men in the general, husbands specifically. History has marked men as taking advantage of scripture that gives them power. From laws to lack of laws, moments in history have taken advantage and abused women.

It is true that feminism has left a mark on history, as well - a mark that generally goes unrecognized when it shouldn't. The decades prior to the fall of the greatest empire the world has seen was prolific with Feminism - in a very bad way. Its just that those moments have been shortlived, so don't garner much attention.

I believe, strongly, that scripture is the only source of equal treatment of men and women. It outlines how we should live with eachother. Its not all that we want to hear - there are some very difficult things to swallow in it - but it is the best way. Its not just women that have difficult things to do - men do to. Both sides.

But in a world where one or the other can take advantage of an imbalance in power, how do you promote laws that protect both? Women write laws that protect women and shame men. Men write laws that protect men and shame women. They both have evil tendencies to be selfish and protect ways of life that benefit one over the other. They also have a tendency to protect evil desires of their gender to their own demise - such as protection of sexual freedom (both genders are guilty of this).

I came across this idea not so long ago as it applied to Captialism - it can not exist in a world void of moral and ethical values. The same goes for gender equality.

Where do we go from here?

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Anonymous said...

This is a great posting. I certainly know about women writing laws to (abuse is my word) because that is why I am in Mexico to get away from feminist laws.

Here in Mexico, the men abuse the women. In my opinion.

There is a difference, though. As much as I disapprove of how the men treat the women, even women who commit adultery almost never end up without their kids, as even innocent men in the US do.

As far as your comment about trust, that reminds me of the book for Christian women, ME? OBEY HIM? by Elizabeth Handford. It is no longer in print, but she tells women why God wants them to obey their husbands, and it is strictly Bible based.

She says it is a lack of trust in God which causes women not to trust their husbands. She has some humorous stories in that book, and it all is connected with the Bible.

I gave a copy to my daughter many years ago, when she was still a teen. She has been married now 13 years, and they have never once had an angry quarrel.

She told me when a decision has to be made, they discuss it, and MOST OF THE TIME, they agree almost immediately.

When they do not, she says, "You are the head of this house, we are going to do it your way."

As a scientist she has observed and when they don't agree, and do it his way, MOST OF THE TIME, it turns out he was right, and she was wrong, there was something he understood that she did not.

Once in a great while he was wrong, so she observes how much it cost for his mistake, and MOST OF THE TIME, the cost was trivial.

And, she says, "In exchange for this, I have peace in my house."

Yet, most women fight until they get their own way, and then wonder why their husbands aren't romantic, etc.

Anonymous age 67