Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Book Banning or Education?

There's some parents in Leesburg that are all upset about some books in the public library that involve teen drug-use and sex that were put into the young-adult (teenager) section of the library.

Funny, cuz the books are the literary version of the popular CW show Gossip Girl.

There's other merchandise out there with the Gossip Girl name on it to - its like a more racy version of Hannah Montana in the marketing they have going on.

TV shows spawn books due to frenzied popularity - and who do you think is watching the 8:00 show on weeknights and buying the Gossip Girl logo on their clothes?

Oh...the teenagers that these parents are attempting to protect by banning the exact same content from the library.

On a post about Credit Cards at Boundless, Heather had this to say and it echoes my sentiments nearly perfectly:
I'm a little ambivalent. One side of me says that we should educate college students (and high school and middle school students, too) and then let them make choices and deal with the consequences. But the other side says that yes, someone should have to prove that they have a self-produced income stream before being allowed to enter into the adult financial world.

I can't help but feel that these parents are being lazy in pursuing book banning rather than teaching their children how to make good and wise decisions in the media they choose to entertain themselves with and the choices they make in how they live their life.

After all, the tv show was inspired by the incredible plethora of sex and drugs in the school system now - pursuits that surround the children of these over-the-top parents.


Elusive Wapiti said...

You beat me to it.

I was going to inquire into whether these parents allow their children to watch television or take in a movie or two.

Teen drug use and sex, particularly the latter, are practically a staple of entertainment these days.

Lost in The World said...

Y'know, truth is *Gossip Girl* isn't all that popular. *The Secret Life of the American Teen* gets higher ratings then it every week (And it only draws its audience from Cable). Plus, it's a much more conservative show then *GG*. Most of *GG's* rating's come from middle age women. Later.