Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oh Inventiveness

I was flipping through channels during naptime one day and came across the opening sequence for the show "Yes, Dear" on TBS (I think...)

One of the snippets had me cracking up because it was indicative of a scenario that I have actually been in.

The smart dad in the show (the one with an accounting job) is in a public restroom stall with his 8-12 month old son hanging from the bathroom stall's coat peg by his hoodie jacket.

I can just see it now - the dad was shopping, suddenly needed to go (like GO), found himself in the stall with a baby in his arms and had no clue what to do with him. So he looks around dumbfounded and confused thinking "what do I do now???" and discovers the peg.

Honestly, I can relate because I've been there. With seats in shopping carts, I don't always take a stroller. Suddenly needing to go presents you with a very interesting and awkward situation...

Well, I was looking for the picture from the show to post here and instead, I found this:

I'm apparently not the only parent who has found themselves in such a situation...

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Elusive Wapiti said...

Bwa ha ha ha! That's funny!