Friday, December 12, 2008

Blatant Inconsistency

I seriously detest when so-called "Christians" blatantly disregard scripture and decide they are themselves God's gift to mankind and its up to them to side with the secular world against other Christians.

I can understand trying to come up with an argument that doesn't use scripture per se in order to use against secular arguments, but why are they so blatantly inconsistent with scripture by taking the clearly unscriptural position?

God created mankind male and female. Male and Female he created them.

Oh, but animals have homosexual relations, so THAT'S natural, too.

In a fallen world, sure it is. But CLEARLY that was not God's design.

Male and Female he created them. He created mankind - the crown of his creation.

Wait...are we different than animals?

I can hear it now - no. Which is biologically and anatomically correct. But they are so quick with that answer that they don't ask themselves and take into consideration their own beliefs. If I'm biologically and anatomically an animal, why didn't Jesus die for ALL of creation and not just humans?

What makes ME different than an animal that God would die for me?

And go ahead and answer that question using a secular argument. I don't mind. Because at least you'd be consistent with your beliefs.


Lost in Academia said...

Okay CG,
I’m lost. What are you talking about?
If you are referring to Christians who are pro-homosexual, you must understand that they usually believe what they do because of their twisted attempts to change the gospel to suit them. They have gathered the teachers required for their “itching ears”, so it’s not that they are necessarily consciously disregarding the scriptures. True this color blinded-ness is self induced, but not necessarily evil on their part.

Secondly, there are a few things wrong with your statements:
1) “…animals have homosexual relations, so THAT'S natural, too.” No. That would be natural for *them*. If the term natural means simply, what the animals do, then it is likewise natural to eat your young, eat your spouse (After sex, of course), commit incest, and my personal favorite, fling poo. These things are natural to Alligators, Spiders, most mammals, and primates, respectively. Yet there is a ton of scientific study to suggest that this is unnatural for humans to do.

2) “Wait...are we different than animals? I can hear it now - no. Which is biologically and anatomically correct.” Well, no it’s not. Fact is Humans posses the super developed pre-frontal lobe, that is absent in the animal kingdom. This is a humanity exclusive, and is responsible for free will, ethics, and so many other human exclusive traits. Fearfully and wonderfully made, don’t you know.

So, yeah, interesting thought but you must avoid the trap of assuming your opponent is evil, when simple ignorance will suffice. Keep up the good thoughts.

Christina said...

Its not specifically the pro-homosexual.

This was just the argument I came across most recently.

And the two points I brought up were made by the person making the arguments.

The real issue for me is when scripture takes a backseat to a secular argument that is not consistent with scripture because the person arguing can't find a satisfying argument that aligns with scripture. No matter what we're talking about - effects of adultery, abortion, homosexuality, lying, stealing.

If they can't come up with a solid argument that supports scripture, they seem to have little issue adopting an argument that goes against scritpure rather than trying to find out (scientifically) why God would actually say "no" to this.

And then the attitude they have towards Christians who blindly accept what scripture has to say and argue poorly in favor of it that THEY are the "enlightened" ones and the rest of us are living in the stone ages.

Its frustrating. And the guy who made the last argument by comparing humans to animals...I realized that that argument may appear to be correct on a surface level (but as you say is still biologically wrong) but undermines the Christ's sacrifice for us. Which is the cornerstone of Christianity.

Do they realize this? I'm not saying their "evil", but i daresay their buying into an evil lie.