Sunday, December 07, 2008

No Place Like Home

You ever find a church that just FEELS right?

It's like putting on a pair of well-worn gloves. Comfy, solid, warm.

I found that church. 2 years ago when my parents decided to do this new family tradition and go to Washington DC every Christmas just to keep the family together. My sister had married in February of 2006 and had moved to DC sometime that summer with her husband. Mom & Dad (especially Dad) didn't like the idea of the family not being together for Christmas. So, we all packed into Mom's new Ford Explorer and drove up to DC for the weekend.

My parents took us to Truro Church for the Christmas Eve service. If I could explain the amount of JOY and PEACE and absolute solidity of that church to you, I would. Active young adults that participate in the service (in REAL organist). Preaching that brings scripture home to you in a relevant way without putting you to sleep. High church liturgy and eucharist with a PHENOMENAL choir. A choir that sings all hymns in 4 part harmony with descants, sings all worship songs in 4 part harmony with an electric guitar and drums. Yes...Organ, electric guitar, and drums. You never knew classic hymns could sound so joyful and upbeat, did you?

They held to the sacredness of the service while bringing home to you the reason for rejoicing.

It felt like home. I was going to relocate myself to DC just so I could become a member of that church. Then I started dating someone here in Florida. I fell in love. Now I'm getting married.

Now I have to find a church HERE that takes liturgy seriously without sacrificing worship (which seems to be a really tricky thing to do).

And I find myself comparing every church with Truro. Time for me to stop. Today, I went to a church with good solid preaching, took liturgy seriously, and has a very good choir. Its very high churchy and extremely classical (no new music for them), but it was good. No Truro, but I'll continue visiting DC twice a year to get my Truro fix.


Wonder Woman said...

I too had a place that I felt totally at ease and was completely comfortable at worship. It wasn't the place actually, it was the pastor. HE, MADE, IT, EVERYTHING, to me.
Life changes.
Him and his family are elsewhere.
I don't go THERE anylonger.
I've changed.

Susan said...

Ahhh, my eternal dilemma ... do I choose a church with an inspiring preacher, or inspiring music? Why is it next to impossible to find both? I enjoyed this post!