Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Paradox

I always saw the people that comprised the liberal left to be the artists, the philosophers. The ones that questioned and thrived on deviating from the norm, presenting questions for the conservative right to be challenged to come up with good answers to.

They're the ones that move us forward while the conservatives keep those new, revolutionary ideas within solid boundaries rather than racing headlong into something that wasn't well thought out. Conservatives stop and analyze. They apply logic to the creativity. They apply standards to it. If this new creativity is worthy of pursuit, they join the drive...only they hold it back and give it reason without the headlong crash over a thought-less cliff of revolutionary ideas.

And I see that the liberals have moved quite head-long to their cliff. Liberal creativity and questioning cannot exist in the government that liberal minds think they want. They haven't stopped to analyze and apply logic to their creative and innovative ideas of a liberal government.

Conservatives have. And they know. They know that the creativity that makes America unique in the fields of Entertainment, Medicine, and Technology can only thrive under a conservative government. The more liberal the government, the more suppressed creativity and questioning becomes. It has a more decisive role in how you run your life, in what your allowed to do, in what your allowed to think.

One of the most liberal governments out there consists of China - a country that isn't allowed to question their government. Is not allowed to question what they are taught. Is not allowed to question what they are told to believe.

Do liberals really want this? Or have they just not stopped to analyze? After all, its not the liberals role to analyze. That's the conservative, logic-confined, religion-confined types to analyze and ensure it's good. They have found it lacking. And rather than work cooperatively together, we have completely and totally split at the seams.


Bhanu Prasad said...

Liberalism, to put succinctly, is an ideology to glorify the innate animal in every human being.

The animal which desires indiscriminate sexual relations, the beast which denies all the responsibilities under the garb of individual "freedom", the maddened
bull that brands any civilizing entity as "Moral Police". Liberalism is all about setting this animal off the hook.

No wonder all the nations that have had this liberal philosophy have become atomized and chaotic.

In contrast look at Japan. This nation which thrives on Strong morals of collectivist work ethic and principles had managed to guard its social structure from the ills of liberalism.

Christina said...

I think, Bhanu, that liberalism left unchecked becomes this.

The problem is that liberalism has become without bounds in America and left to roam freely in the name of freedom and liberty.

I think that the continuing trend of moving towards more and more liberal government (which is will help catalyze the return to balance - Though everyone suffers in an overly liberal government, I think conservatives are better equipped to survive it then the freedom loving nuts of radical liberals.

Elusive Wapiti said...

The problem with the "Liberal" and "Conservative" labels is that Liberals aren't terribly liberal and Conservatives are more liberal than Conservative.

Today's Liberals are quite collectivist and totalitarian. And they are quite contemptuous of liberalism.

Today's Conservatives, unfortunately, act as you say...brakes on the slide off the cliff. They used to be about liberalism, the idea that the government that governs least governs best. They used to be about freedom. Now they're nearly just as collectivist as the Liberals. Which is why they got trounced in recent elections.

Bhanu Prasad said...

--I think, Bhanu, that liberalism left unchecked becomes this---

Is it not so in the developed world already?.

--I think, Bhanu, that liberalism left unchecked becomes this.---

No, Liberalism , as defined by mainstream lefties, is inherently flawed and dangerous. Not just uncontrolled one.

Breakdown of family and social order has closely followed the rise of liberalism from the universities in the 60's.

This is a direct result of liberalism's emphasis on Individual Rights. Individuals are innately animalistic and we NEED strong morals, either by religion or personal integrity, to uphold a civilized society.