Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Priceless Moments

Finally, the groom his home from his 8-day business travel!

We came to work together and he forgot to drop me off at my terminal. Pulled out of a great parking spot and I told him I could walk.

"No you can't...I know you. You don't walk, you waddle."

So in the 3 week span since the wedding, I've lost the graceful figure and replaced it with a soccer ball for a belly. I'm mildly amused by the memory of me in an attic when I was 7 years old putting a soccer ball under my shirt...

Anyway, it doesn't give much perspective, but I shoulda gained around 15-16 lbs already and have only gained 9. Which probably means I've lost a total of 6-7 lbs of my own pre-pregnancy weight. I feel round and heavy in only one area of my body and its been difficult to maneuver with.

Bye bye, center of gravity!

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