Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rascism is not Dead

Rascism in America is not done with.

You see, the whole point of MLK was that we ALL be treated equal, right?

White, black. Man, woman. Disabled, Enabled.

Equality for all.

However, when we celebrate the elevation of one race to a platform, we are still being rascist. We have still made a big deal about something that we want to be treated as inconsequential.

So which is it...do we make a big deal about skin color or not?

Do we celebrate a president based on skin color or not?


Elusive Wapiti said...

A couple of intemperate thoughts:

The fact that white people voted for a black man to be president is evidence that they're not racist, right? Right??

By that standard, I'll go further and say that the black folks who voted for a black man 9-1 to be president are the real racists.

Christina said...

I've long been under the impression that blacks are becoming more rascist than whites.

That's a general statement =p

I think its because enforcement of caucasians accepting minorities has led to a kind of minority-pride. And there's nothing wrong with it.

A white man commits a crime against a black man, its a hate crime.

A black man commits a crime against a white man, its simply a crime.

Two stories, two schools. I started out at a school that was home to mostly rednecks and inner-city blacks (BAD mix...probly contributed to its high violence rate). I wanted to sing in the choir SO badly. That was what I looked forward to the most in starting high school (homeschooled in MS). I walked into the choir room. White-blonde hair, blue eyes, pale white skin...and soooo many black and brown eyes staring at me out of dark brown faces. Choir teacher asks me "What are you doing here?" Uhhh...I think I'm in the wrong room.

In their defense, I have never, EVER heard a gospel choir that was so incredibly amazing! They could rock your socks off, their sound was so unified, rhythmic, and simply perfect.

I switched schools at the end of the year. It was a predominately caucasian school. However, we hosted more foreign exchange students, had a higher hispanic ratio, and were more unified with all our minorities than the other school was.

Wonder why?

Elusive Wapiti said...

I'm still pretty hot over what the Rev Wright wanna-be said during his closing inauguration prayer. "Whites will become right"?? WTFO?

So I hope that you'll forgive me.

"Choir teacher asks me "What are you doing here?" "

No difference than some cracker challenging a black person who wandered into the wrong neighborhood: "hey boy, where you think you at?"

"and were more unified with all our minorities than the other school was. Wonder why?"

I don't wonder. And that it is because it is only whites who believe in the "can't we all just get along" and "we're all equal" trope. The truth is that the liberals have conditioned white people to believe this while propagating black/brown/red/yellow supremacism.

As Jonah Goldberg said in his book: white is the new Jew.

I don't mind some people being all racist and ethnocentrist and such. That's just natural, it's part of humanity's sin nature.

What I do mind quite a bit are those same racists calling non-racists racist--in effect, projecting their racism on others--in order to keep those others from fighting the racism of the racist group.

BP said...

To top it off...

The main article in the current issue of Linux Magazine:

"Is Obama good for Open Source?"

There is a eery resemblance to individual worship of Mao and Stalin