Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reproductive Health?

I'm curious how "abortion" translates into "reproductive health".

I guess I always figured that health was the optimal efficacy of the body and mind to function in accordance with its purpose.

Silly me.

I forgot that reproductive organs' purposes are not reproduction, as one young scholar attempts to illustrate.

I'm actually curious...is it possible that in the upcoming months when FOCA may be passed to convince our legislation that a post-viable abortion could actually end in the life of a child and that all the rights given to any living person outside the womb be extended to that child?

And I'm curious that if FOCA does, indeed, legitimize tax funding of the abortion industry, if we can twist language enough to OUR advantage and claim that the purpose of that tax money is to also provide neo-natal care to Born-Alive babies?

After all, the wording in FOCA says to terminate the pregnacy. Not to terminate the child's life.

I think it sounds do-able.

It actually kinda reminds me of Shyloe's Catch-22 in The Merchant of Venice. He had a contract that said he was entitled to one pound of flesh. Nothing at all was said about blood.


Elusive Wapiti said...

This chick is just sick. I'm glad that her name has been published s.t. all potential suitors will be forewarned.

Also, where did she get her sperm?

Christina said...

Probably a sperm bank.

Or unsuspecting donors.

Or willing participants? I bet they were homosexuals.

Learner said...


Glad to see you back post-nuptuals :) Will there be any wedding pictures? If you don't want to make them public would you allow viewing via email ? (My email is on my blog -Ame would vouch for me :)- but if you feel that you don't know me well enough for that I understand.)

After those pleasantries, that story about the student from Yale is one of the most disgusting displays of human depravity I have read in a while.

Christina said...


As of yet, I do not have edited photos from the actual photographers.

I have a disk of 500 unedited ones sitting next to me, but no one gets to see them yet.

When I'm ready, I have a picasa account that I'll link to the wedding album from this blog :)