Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I thought I was DONE!

I added a new name to my list...

Ethan James.

/sigh I thought I was done with this already...

Darn it for men that have no particular interest in baby names >.<


Lost in The World said...

Y' know, I'm currently trying to talk the wife of my friend Sam (Martinez) into naming their next daughter "Maria". I mean you claim to be Mexican friendly, but no Maria or Mary...

All of which is to say, not all men are as indifferent to baby names as one might think.

Christina said...


Hence the qualification for "men who don't".

I know there are guys out there who care...its why I never tied myself to a boy's name - I figured the man I married would have some kind of idea of what kind of a name he wanted his first-born son to have.

Alas, I've found myself in a dilemma. I had my heart set on James Edward and he won't accept it because he doesn't want the child to have his middle name >.<

But other than no repeat names, I'm kinda on my own for the naming.

As for Maria/Mary - I have never been a fan of that name and maybe she isn't, either...have you tried suggesting other spanish girl names?

Spanish won't work for me. As much as I like the name Alejandro... Anywho, I'll figure it out...I like traditional, but don't want it TOO traditional.