Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Silly Dreams and Random Stuff before Lent

Dreams are getting RIDICULOUS. What is it about pregnancy that does this?

Unfortunately for me, most of my dreams are nightmares. Take for instance last night's where I ended up in a house full of "family" that wasn't my family trying to find a moment of intimacy with my husband. That was amusing, actually, cuz it kinda felt like the first week of my honeymoon =p

Another one involved Child Services kidnapping my baby... throw on top of that one a previous dream in which I nearly suffocated my baby because my nanny-cat moved him out of the basinet and onto a bed full of blankets and pillows, then I got breast-milk up his nose while trying to feed him, and being told off by the child in my arms, proclaiming in a tiny, high-pitched voice "YOU'RE A HORRIBLE MOTHER!!!"

Disturbing...definitely very disturbing.

However, I did have a gem of a dream...imagine one of those reality cook shows like Hell's Kitchen and they introduce the head chef in the midst of spouting fire and smoke and a drum roll...

Announcer: Nationally recognized, winner of the such-and-such...

The best cook in the world!

Chaim Giomama!

Do pronounce Chaim as "I'm" and remember that Italian single g's are soft.

Say that name out loud to yourself.*


Several topics have come up that have me realizing that something REALLY needs to change in the societal conception that its taboo to discuss sex with parents (Ewwwwww....Gross!!!!).

First of all, EVERYONE talks about how difficult marriage is going to be and that you are not always going to feel in love. But regardless, love them ANYWAY. Because love is more than a feeling. You're attacked with such advice as "Never go to bed angry" and "Do the dishes together". But no one ever talks about the sex-life. Maybe mothers really should.

Second of all, peer pressure and abstinence among young adults...I bet you anything that if parents and children were more comfortable about discussing questions concerning it, abstinence might be more doable.


And lastly, this little gem of a quote that had me laughing. I think its true, but to hear it stated in such a way made me feel so glad someone said it:

"Boundless does advocate getting married young"

From what I've seen, Boundless doesn't advocate "getting married young", Boundless advocates being mature at a young age so that if you are called to marry young, your own immaturity doesn't instantly rule it out.

Thanks, Daniel!


So, starting tomorrow, NO MORE BLOGGING.

In 40 days, I'll get back to you and let you know how it all worked out. Maybe share some of my devotional revelations :)

Have a disciplined Lent and a Celebratory Easter! (Or Resurrection Day, whichever way your convictions sway you to call it...me, it'll involve Pasanki eggs, Deviled eggs, and haven't figured out which family, yet...I celebrate Resurrection Day EVERYDAY =p)

* Yes, I did just dream a "Yo Mama" joke.

I guess it fits...for all the best cooks in the world, nothing ever tops mom's home-cooking!


Elusive Wapiti said...

"Another one involved Child Services kidnapping my baby..."

Boy I hope that for yours and all of our sakes, you are not clairvoyant.

"But no one ever talks about the sex-life. Maybe mothers really should."

My mom's dead now, but maybe she should have. For that matter, dads really ought to talk about married life with their sons too.

Hopefully that won't scare their sons into never marrying ;)

"Boundless advocates being mature at a young age..."

Not a bad thing to advocate...


I do hope that you'll swing by and visit from time to time tho

Christina said...

Lol EW on the clairvoyance...

I've been known to have a dream come true or two.

Same with my mom.

But I know the source of these dreams - they stem from those pre-parenthood (and parenthood) jitters where you're constantly wondering and questioning whether you'll be a good parent or not.

That dream was a bit bizarre, though =p
The parents and sex thing, yeah generally I think both parents should be involved in it =p

But for girls, mothers definitely =p
And I will try to swing by as long as I have my work done =)

That's really the goal...to not let blogging interfere with responsibilities =p