Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I Hate Feminists

There are few things in this world that I truly hate. Feminists have the #2 slot, right behind Satan.

Do you know why? Because they push their agenda down everyone's throat, claiming that ALL women are in ONE category. What category is that? Oh...the one that claims that the only place to find fulfillment is in the middle of a career. The one that claims that being a "good little housewife" is dull, boring, and lacks intelligence. The one that claims children are parasites on women and all women are happy to be rid of them.

They make me Sick. With a capital "S".

I wish they'd pull their $100.00 colored, permed, and styled no-hair-out-of-place heads out of their perfectly shaped derriers and look around at the real world.

First of all, women who choose staying at home over working are not "afraid of the big bad world". In fact, their probably a lot braver than any feminist around. Why? Because a woman willing to stay at home has to trust that her man will support her and come home to her every night. To a feminist, that's the impossible. Stay at home mothers also have to deal with the atrocities of raising teenagers in this day and age...which is no small feat. From fielding abuse of drugs and alcohol, to dealing head on with a teenager who just lost 5 of their best friends in a brutal car accident, to educating their children enough to know better to stay away from sex - and if the kids still don't learn, handling the mess of STD's and teenage pregnancies. Raising kids is NOT a walk in the park.

Second of all, unintelligent work? Say what? Did you know that staying at home requires good management skills, financial skills, and scheduling management skills? Did you know that learning how spices work and how they can affect health can be interesting and...*gasp* intelligent? Oh...and if the hubby really feels like coming home to an interesting conversation, I suggest you discover the joy of popping a load of laundry in the washer and dryer, folding quickly, putting a pot of pasta on the stove to boil, and grabbing the latest Wallstreet Journal or DrudgeReport. Or if hubby is more into philosophy, grab that classic by Thomas More that goes by the title of Utopia...or how about Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and take note how feminist agenda has made what used to be a fantastic horror world into a reality? Oh...and if hubby is into video games, you could play a round of Soul Caliber IV before he gets home and then show off your gaming skills to your awed hubby when you beat him at one of his favorite games (zomg...a girl that playz games!!!). Did you know that spending hours and hours and hours micromanaging a program at work is going to provide for much less satisfying discussion than discussing current events, philosophy, religion, or playing video games?

Oh...but the feminist doesn't even stop to consider that there are MANY different types of men and women out there. Instead, she disrespects men and women by putting us all in the same stereotypical category.

Well guess what, Feminism? I don't buy it. I never will buy it. I'm intelligent, sophisticated, fun, AND a good housekeeper. And I'm gonna keep it that way.


Lost in Academia said...

Chica, I don't know who did what to your Cheerios this morning, but remain calm my friend. :)

Your quite right.

Just...Take a few deep breaths.

Christina said...

Lol. Your awesome.

It was an article I read in response to a survey about women preferring staying home and cooking.

Essentially, the author said its all a load of crock and any woman who thinks its enjoyable/fulfilling to stay home and cook, clean, and be pretty for hubby is deluding herself and in for a rude awakening.

I was pissed off =p

Lost in Academia said...

That explains it. I remember my own Mother had a similar reaction to a similar claim. I merely pointed out that because she stayed home with us, she was like to get two lawyers and a Doctor, instead of A High School history teacher, a Construction worker, and cubicle mole (Not that there is any thing wrong with those professions mind, but education and earning levels are *Vastly* different...)

Until next time.

Carrie C. said...

I just saw the news on Amir's blog . . . congratulations, girl!!! That's incredible news! :)

Anonymous said...

Dale Carnegie called housewives, "home executives"

Anonymous said...

Dale Carnegie called housewives, "home executives"

Madvillain said...

Beautiful. I find an anti-feminist attitude in a woman to be an admirable and attractive quality. It shows an independence of thought and an intellectually robust resistance to propaganda.

Tim said...

To me feminists are even more of a threat than most Christians, they are far less tolerant and less vindictive. Plus unless you are a Christian yourself, very few people will take your "heresy" or rebellion that seriously. A feminist will label you a rapist, stalker and other things that universally are bad things. They will also politically shame and block you. Perhaps even try to arrest you under lies.