Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama's "Equal Wages" Campaign Ad

Now that I've gotten my anger out of the way, I can do what I originally logged on to do.

I saw this commercial for the first time tonight. I find it frustrating, for a couple reasons.

I recently found something out about myself that is a FEMALE problem - it is ONLY a female problem, no MALE can ever have this issue.

I'm one of those few "lucky" women who works in a corporation that pays equal wages in spite of not being forced to. Let me tell you, it really ain't that lucky.

Because my "problem" is inherrently normal to the female body, I'm not allowed to use "sick" time - even though, technically, I really am sick. Because its normal, I can't justify getting off that list of employees required to put in mandatory overtime - which are mostly men and menopausal women on my team (I'm one of two pre-menopausal women on my team of 20).

Do you want to know why? BECAUSE IT WOULD NOT JUSTIFY MY BEING PAID THE SAME AMOUNT AS MEN TO TREAT MY BODY IN THE UNIQUE WAY THAT IT NEEDS. I run the risk of termination - because I'm not working NEARLY as much as my peers and haven't earned my salary...problem is, they run the risk of a law suit if they terminate me because of my female "problems".

For the companies that actually DON'T give equal pay, the jobs are usually those where paternity leave is not offered, or in hourly wage jobs where the risk of hiring a pre-menopausal woman means internalizing the risk of her getting pregnant or periodically not being able to perform her job affectively.

IF women were paid the same rate as men, the men that have families to support lose their potential earning capacity, limiting how much they can support their families and locking their wives (who could get pregnant at any time) into their career to help support the family - and it simply is not THAT healthy to carry a baby for 9 months, have it, and be back into work in 6 weeks (standard maternity leave).

So, for the women who actually WANT to work, by demanding this "Equal Pay" when the chances are, it won't be "Equal Work", it hurts the women who have chosen to NOT be feminists and stay home raising their kids and caring for their husbands and homes.

To bad McCain would get even more black-balled then he already is if he were to argue for this instead of claiming women just aren't smart enough.


Anonymous said...

Just another whiner. What is new? You are not only a whiner, but you lament the fact that you are female. This has nothing to do with Obama or McCain - you have personal issues that go beyond the pseudo-issue you lament. You give women a bad name. I should know, I am a strong one who is proud to be female and for the record, John McCain/Sarah Palin are my candidates - they will improve America!

Christina said...



I'm not in support of this "Equal Pay" BS that feminists are putting out on the table - because women in jobs where the companies don't pay the same amount for men and women are typically companies that give more concessions to female employees.

Did you just completely miss my point?

Why yes, yes you did.