Monday, July 07, 2008


I find that word to be overused when it comes to discussing Men and Women's issues/rights.

I'm tired of women who have nothing good to say about men who refuse to trust them and rely on them. I'm sick and tired of the attitude that women need to be able to provide for themselves because men can't be trusted. I'm tired of hearing how women can do it all and that we have every right in the workplace as the men...and that we can run the business, country, world better than the men have.

I'm tired of men who have nothing good to say about women who refuse to trust them. I'm sick and tired of the attitude that there is not one good woman who can have good intentions and still make mistakes - horrible mistakes - that go against her character. I'm tired of hearing how women are the cause of all that is wrong in today's society and that feminism has ruined the home, the church, America, and the world.

I wish they'd all just get a grip and start looking at what THEY are doing wrong. Both of them.


Anonymous said...

"....that feminism has ruined the home, the church, America, and the world."

Well, to a large extent it has. femi-nut-sim is simply a tool by various elitists/bloodlines to destroy men, boys, and families. It has done that, quite well. Now that men - the families natural protectors - have been eliminated by the very women they protected it's rather easy for the state to get THEIR children.

Any nation where femi-nut-ism has gone is basically dying out. The playbook is the same - the men are ruthlessly persecuted, boys are drugged, and families destroyed.

DECADES of the pill, murder of the unborn, no-fault ('all mens fault') divorce, child/spousal industries and persecution of men and socialist agendas such as multiculturalism (part of globalization) have taken their toll.

All this, of course, due to a women's right to reproductive murder without any say from the father, a women's right to divorce at any time and get everything (well, share with the state) and a mans' legal right to nothing except heartache, misery, responsibility and duty to be a ATM.

The family is all but dead in the west and no man dare have children, marry of cohabitant lest he feel the full wraith of the government. It is simply far to risky. California alone has a divorce rate of 75% and has exceeded 80%, what man is foolish enough to marry the state and loose everything? The minute a man walks into a courtroom he is guilty and will loose everything including HIS children.

Women having children in many EU nations is the MINORITY. A 2.1 average birth/women assures a stable population in a stable nation. In many EU nations, an average birthrate as of 2000 would have to be over 4.0 to make up for decades of femi-nut-ism. Most women are simply past childbearing years so many western nations will now simply be replaced by other races and with them, other religious beliefs. The low birthrates in western nations is mostly due to recent immigrants, those of the Islamic faith, and, anchor babies of illegals (the US is thought to have 40 - 50 million illegal aliens).

It's too simply late for most western nations. Illegal immigration and a 'drugged' local population 'dumbed down' by fluoridated water, Prozac and the school system is rapidly being replaced in values, culture, language and religion.

Islam, for example, will most likely become the dominate religion in the UK, many parts of Europe, Canada and the US. You see that already taking place in the UK, and many EU nations. The US, the trouble will soon start with the 3,000+ mosques...some very heavily armed such as the one in Brooklyn, NY.

Also, the US and western nations stand at the greatest crises, ever - happening right now. The US financial and banking system is absolutely corrupt and teeters on the edge of collapse. A massive transfer of wealth and power is taking place through inflation (debasement of the fake fiat currency) and through the making all debts, risks and loses public (while of course, rewards are private).

Within 24 months the US and many western nations are looking at gas rationing, food shortages and massive banking issues. The last of America's food reserves just got shipped off to Africa ... there's enough food in reserve in the entire US for perhaps 1/2 loaf of bread each. At this time, massive crop loses in the mid-west and destroyed lands (the lands are depleted, kept only producing through hideous GM crops and petroleum based fertilizers) is set up for dust-bowl (1930s) conditions and massive food shortages.

Even sooner are massive bankruptcies of the many insolvent US banks and financial centers, and a crashing real estate system which will take down the job market.

Add in peak-oil, a currency about to devalue to "0", an unsustainable FIRE (finances, insurance, real estate) economy on fire and what man really wants to start up a family now?

Femi-nut-ism was and is a tool of the elite. I just hope it's poison doesn't spread further and make all the nations drunk with her wine.

The only hope for most men is to remain single, or to move to a foreign nations and marry a foreign born women.

Christina said...


At the expense of being called a feminist again (which any sane man who read my blog would know is a load of BS), there is a REASON why women have a need to be superior and independent.

Can you name it?

Here, let me help. Enough women have been abused, abandoned, raped, and used by men that women in general felt they could not trust men in general.

This is not a lesson taken out of a feminazi's history book.

This is not a lesson learned at the knee of a feminist.

It is a knowledge of world history, common sense, understanding of human depravity, and simply awareness of what STILL happens today.

Have you read Genesis lately? Or how about the story of David's daughter? Or how about Mary Magdalene?

Am I excusing the feminists? No. They're hands run just as red. Am I accusing all men? No.

What I am saying is that wrongs have been made by BOTH. And it does not take a genious to realize that if you want someone to treat you well, you have to treat them well. No, doesn't always work. Not everyone responds well to that. But maybe enough do to make it worth it.

MarkyMark said...


If a guy treats a gal well, he won't keep her very long; he's too 'boring', you see. No, the guy who gets and keeps the most women are the abusive jerks out there. Just look at Tommy Lee...