Tuesday, July 08, 2008

National Baked Bean Month


You read that right. July is National Baked Bean Month.

And in the spirit of Global Warming, I'd like to tell you how the world would be a better place without Baked Beans.

Every day, the average person passes 1 - 3 pints of gas a day. Yummm...

Baked Beans happen to be very good producers of intestinal gas :)

And apparently gasses are responsible for the breaking down of the O-Zone Layer.

So, this July, I propose we get rid of Baked Beans. And while we're at it, all milk products, cauliflower, broccoli, wheat, barley, and all other foods that cause bacteria produced intestinal gas.

(Actually, did you know that not everyone produces Methane, which is the gas that is primarily associated with the breaking down of the O-zone layer?)

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