Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nurture Protection

I was reading Heather Koerner's piece on Nurturing Protection over at today, and she quotes John Piper as saying this (emphasis mine):
"Nurture" means that a mature woman senses a responsibility not merely to receive, but to nurture and strengthen the resources of masculinity. She is to be his partner and assistant. She joins in the act of strength and shares in the process of leadership. She is, as Genesis 2:18 says, "a helper suitable for him."

That line, "Shares in the process of leadership", is getting a lot of scorn from a bunch of men on another blog. They seem to think that this line says that the woman shares in leadership. Or they actually do take issue with the sharing in the process. If its the former, they're right to have some issue with it - a woman's role is to submit to her husband's leadership. Not share in his leadership. Although, it could be argued that she shares in his leadership every time she acts in his authority when he is absent (i.e. making financial decisions, caring for the children when he is not available). It is not good for a husband to nullify his wife and revoke her of ANY authority whatsoever in his household - but neither is it wise to give her as much authority as he is supposed to have.

However, if they take issue with the latter, than I believe they are missing something in scripture. Woman was created to complete man - not be his doormat. She was created to be his companion, not his subject. She was created to be his "life giver", as I've already written about. "The process of leadership" is the growth of leadership, the developing of leadership, and the display of leadership. She SHARES in that process, as she steps down and lets him lead, as she encourages him in his strength. She is a PART of that. With marriage, they are ONE. So yes, she DOES share in it. She is a part of him.

There is a very important role for each gender. It is important that women relinquish whatever claim they think they have to authority and leadership, so that men can LEAD. But at the same time, its very important that men affirm the importance of women in their God-given role, whatever that may be.

Are we indeed unnecessary and only good for bearing kids? Or are we actually important in "completeing" a man, being his companion, and sharing in something that sincerely affirms and affects our husbands? Are we just as disposable as many women have claimed men to be? Or do we sincerely NEED eachother. Like really really need eachother.

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Unknown said...

I am a Cristian Women and I had a vision from the Lord... Of an angel in the clouds as Beautiful as you can think of that was Nurturing something very important, and I could fully see in the vision what the Angel was looking over because God was covering me from seeing fully what the Angel was looking over. However the Angel was happy... Now I like to look up things that Our Heavenly Father puts on my Heart, or Mind or in a Dream, cause it means so Much to Me what Gifts he can show to you... And, I was SO Excited when I type in My GoOgle search.( Nurturing Angel) My God.... I Read the 1st Part of your Blogg, and it Made Me SMILE :o D}}} Because, God is so, so Real and Knows when you need a word!!! OF his Power, working in the people that are Christians you Never Even met b4. So I had to share my Store with you Because your words in this Piece spoke to my Spirit Loudly.... ThanKQ and My our words continue to be a Blessing to others... :o )